Bird surveys, Smith Point, Nova Scotia
Bird surveys, Smith Point, Nova Scotia

Field technician with experience in conducting:

  • biological assessments;
  • determination of ecological value;
  • forest and aquatic sampling;
  • tree, shrub, herbaceous plant and wildlife identification and measurement;
  • seabird and landbird censuses and colony restoration, nest searching, stick nest and cavity identification and prioritization, and assistance with mist-netting & banding;
  • permanent sample plot establishment, measurement, data analysis and presentation;
  • measuring forests, presenting results and making recommendations;
  • tree marking, assessing vigour and risk of decline, and evaluating wildlife habitat and features; and,
  • wilderness navigation, and extensive use of compassing skills and orienteering in the forest environment with maps, aerial photos and GPS.

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Compiling and analyzing data and presenting research findings in technical reports, for example, forest management plans, an analysis of permanent sample plots,  Government of Nova Scotia’s Atlas of Sites of Ecological Significance, and masters thesis.

Writing in a variety of formats, including brochures, newsletters, fact sheets, press releases, articles, briefing notes, memos and op-eds.

University and college level instruction, and national parks guide.

Auditor for Forest Stewardship Council accredited chain-of-custody and forest assessments.

Specialised training in wilderness and remote first aid, bear safety, canoeing, kayaking, navigation, and swimming.

Outdoor adventure and natural history guide.

Trail planning and construction.

Conversant in French and functional in Spanish.
CNA students, Birch Brook, Labrador